Frustrated at Current Firm?

We Make it Worth the Move. Changing firms can be overwhelming. With the ease of Pathways Financial Group & FSC Securities' Transition Team, we make it worth the move by offering: Dedicated Transition Team to help ensure a smooth and seamless transition Easy and efficient onboarding process with our Online Registration Center Big-firm resources with [...]

Financial Planning Education/Services

What is Financial Planning? Today, employees have more choices than ever in terms of employee benefit programs and are taking a more active role in securing their financial future. An employee benefit that can help your employees to understand the often confusing world of investment and retirement planning is financial planning education/services. Many employees would [...]

How can I determine what my business is worth for estate and gift tax purposes?

Determining the value of your business is something you should not attempt to do on your own, especially because the IRS could challenge your valuation. Even the IRS acknowledges that no one true fair market value (FMV) exists for a closely held business. There are appraisers who specialize in determining the value of businesses. Your [...]

Four Keys For Financial Advisor Succession Planning – Keeping Your Business Thriving After Retirement

A common conviction among many financial advisory founders is a sense their business will close when they retire. That may keep you working longer that you’d like to. Sensing that the vision, dedication and hard work you developed into a thriving business will go up in smoke – just doesn’t feel right. A 2017 PwC study showed [...]

Internal Vs. External Business Succession Planning Factors For Financial Advisors

Many financial advisors isolate their personal goals from their business goals when developing a succession strategy. They tend to not ask themselves what’s going to be most important once they retire. This failure leads to making short-term succession decisions instead of providing a long-term solution.When you’re thinking about business succession planning, it’s also time to [...]