For your clients, an experience with you isn’t only the annual holiday card. It’s how consistent you are with their annual client review meetings. It’s how you’re interacting with them and providing your expertise to answer their questions. And, in the end, it’s how you’ve made them feel over the years.

Two key factors in Starbucks’ success were planning their approach and systemizing the execution. So, how can you leverage solutions available to you to do the same?

Plan Your Approach: As you consider your plans for 2019, are you segmenting your services across your client base? Do you have an explanation of your services?

Systemize Your Process: Do you consistently deliver an engaging and authentic client experience? With time as our most precious commodity, it can be difficult to do and be effective at the same time. MyCMO can help you segment your client base specifically for marketing, so the most engaging messages are reaching the right audiences. You can ensure that your automated process for communications still provides an authentic experience.